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Noun: pedagogy; plural noun: pedagogies

Pedagogy is the method and practice of teaching. With our own little twist on this word (and the lack of available domain names), Pedagoge was born. We believe the essence of the word will reflect in the work we do, in trying to provide a variation to the traditional way students and teachers connect and revolutionize the practice of teaching.

We’ve all faced situations as students where education has confused us, but we know it is pivotal for us and something that we need to do (just like our parents tell us!). For more than a few, the major challenge has been finding the right teacher who can guide you to success in your academic career, sporting endeavors, musical journey or creative commitment, whatever your chosen field might be. Many a time, we think we opted for the best possible teacher in our city or our locality but soon realize that we were mistaken. This realization often comes when it’s too late - when we’ve already committed to a teacher. We want to change that by providing you all the options in an accessible, easy-to-use solution to put you on the path to finding the best teacher for you!


Our mission is to provide a platform that helps discover better and customised learning experiences. To help our users learn what they want and enable them to do it in the easiest possible way.

- Rohit and Mohit, 2016

Rohit is a St. Xavier's College graduate, who specialized in marketing and amidst some moments of doubt, went on to finish his Chartered Accountancy. Through college he participated in multiple management fests, presenting his B-plans all over the country. While he won many of them the biggest impact was that he ended up with the drive to start his own company. Entrepreneurship runs in the Mall family, with his father being a renowned entrepreneur himself. He can sometimes be seen dejected in the mornings, this mainly being the side effect of being a Chelsea fan. He drowns this sorrow in beer and chicken since they're always on top of the table.

Mohit is too well educated to be on our team but we bribe him regularly so that he sticks on, an engineer from BITS, Pilani and a Master's degree in Engineering Management from Dartmouth College. With years of experience behind him, he's the one steering our ship through turbulent waters. He's the vegetarian wanderer, keeping intact his vows of vegetarianism while traveling to the most exotic countries all over. His favorite pastime is being a perfectionist which we encourage him to take up as a full-time job.