anupkumar upadhyay

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    upadhyay classes

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    More than 20 Years

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    Taxation,Chartered Accountancy Foundation (CPT),Chartered Accountancy Intermediate (IPCC),Cost Accountancy (All Levels)

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    Examination,Competitive Exam

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    450 to 550 Per month


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  • Student

    Abhuisekh Kumar Shaw

    our sir is very nice person.we have fun while studying near him.

  • Student

    Piya Singh

    he is the best teacher in my knowledge

  • Student

    Sonu Thakur

    sir has some unique way of teaching that helps us to understand the topic very well.

  • Student

    Amarjeet Thakur

    sir is very co-operative and cool.

  • Student

    Varun Anand

    our sir is very helpful to us and always co-operates with the students. his way of teaching is very cool and clear.

  • Student

    Sudarshan Jha

    It can't be expressed in words about the greatness and kindness of our sir. We are very thankful to God that he is our Sir. He comes to help us everytime.

  • Student

    Anand Das

    Every characteristic which is required in a ateacher is present in our Anup Sir.

  • Student

    Shubham Sharma

    Our sir is great in nature and helpful to all his students. He is there whenever we need him.

  • Student

    Rahul Gupta

    Our sir is a very cooperative man and supports us everytime we need him.

  • Student

    Om Shaw

    He is very genuine and loyal to his profession.His teachings are easy and very understandable.Last but not the least" he is the best teacher".

  • Student

    Arpana Shaw

    Sir is a very good teacher. He makes us understand everything about any subject

  • Student

    Surya Mishra

    He has a dynamic personality.He is 24*7 available for us.He is calm and strict as well. He has all the qualities which an ideal teacher should possess.Lucky to be his student.

  • Student

    Priyakm Barai

    He is very helpful to us.His method of teaching is very good.He gives us extra classes for revision or any particular chapter.I am enjoying his classes.

  • Student

    Kajal Sharma

    Our sir is very cooperative and very helpful to the students.He understands problems of every student and solves them with clarity.He is the best teacher ever.

  • Student

    Roshan Thakur

    I think its my privilege to learn something from him.