Vikash Dhanuka

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    Classes for finance group by experienced teacher

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    5-10 Years

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    Accounts,Financial Management,Costing

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    Girish Park,,

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    450 to 550 Per month


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  • Student

    Sakshi Satnalika

    He's very cooperative and always ready to give back-ups.

  • Student

    Saurav Agarwala

    He's very cooperative and manages students easily during exam days. He makes the class very interesting.

  • Student

    Rahul Daga

    Sir is always there for help. he covers every topic with detaling. His examples relate to every student which helps in easy understanding.

  • Student

    Anish Jalan

    He's very good in nature and looks after every student.

  • Student

    Surbhi Mandiwal

    My teacher is very good and he makes learning easy for us.

  • Student

    Aakash Modi

    He's very helpful, very kind.

  • Student

    Yogesh Soman

    He's very helpful when needed.

  • Student

    Madhav Bahety

    He's very helpful. Whenever extra classes are needed for topics not understood, he helps a lot. he never says no to anyone whenever we are in need.

  • Student

    Komal Gupta

    In one sentence; He's the best.

  • Student

    Soni Jaiswal

    Very Helpful

  • Student

    Nitika Gupta

    He's the most helpful person.

  • Student

    Vanika Choudhary

    Sir is very helpful and he clears the concept.

  • Student

    Chandni Harsh

    He is someone who has helped me out in each and every possible way he can when I needed him. A perfect guide, teacher. Overall the "best".

  • Student

    Subrangshu Chanda

    Our Sir is best in Accounts, Tax, Cost. He is very friendly to students. He teaches all the subjects in a very detailed manner. Students love to attend his class with happiness.

  • Student

    Kanak Joshi

    Our Sir is one of the most co-operative person. He works very hard to teach each and every topic. He is a very composed person.

  • Student

    Priyadarshana Kumari

    Always helps when required.

  • Student

    Bhargavi Jaiswal

    For my Sir I can only say that I have never seen such a teacher before. He is very understanding and helpful.

  • Student

    Kumari Sandhya

    Helpful and supportive. Friendly with all the students.

  • Student

    Aniket Majumder

    Vikash Sir is my all time favourite teacher. He is cool and composed teacher with a great personality. Learning stuff used to be boring but he makes learning fun.

  • Student

    Shreya Sharma

    Excellent in terms of knowledge. He knows very well how to conduct his class properly.

  • Student

    Garima Jain

    Very helpful. Clear in explaining the topics and making it easier for the students to understand and remember.

  • Student

    Abhishek Shaw

    Experienced and co-operative teacher.

  • Student

    Jay Acharya

    Sir teaches very good. He is helpful to any student who has doubt. Good teacher in this area.

  • Student

    Ramendra Raj Sharma

    Sir is a very calm person. He helps all his students in the best possible way.

  • Student

    Hriday Shah

    Extremely friendly and hardworking teacher. Always there when needed.

  • Student

    Parichit Sethi

    Sir is brilliant. Very flexible in his approach.

  • Student

    Gaurav Baid

    He is a fantastic teacher.

  • Student

    Shubhra Agarwal

    Sir is very nice and helpful. he gives backup for every class.

  • Student

    Nidhi Singh

    Vikas sir is the best teacher I have had with such a composed ability as well as a generous person.

  • Student

    Komal Singhi

    Good Sense of humour, fun loving teacher.

  • Student

    Kunal Sipani

    Very helpful sir. highly cooperative. both entertaining as well as strict class at the same time. Sir explains the concepts perfectly.

  • Student

    Sana Mukhtara

    He is one of the best teachers and very helpful to us.

  • Student

    Tanvi Dwivedi

    Very helpful and cooperative

  • Student

    Debabrata Sarkar

    He is very cooperative and friendly with us.

  • Student

    Anshu Jaiswal

    We enjoy our teacher's company. He is very sincere towads teaching.

  • Student

    Dewanti Thakur

    He is the best teacher. He gives personal attention to all the students.

  • Student

    Monika Yadav

    He is very friendly with us. I like his concept of teaching.

  • Student

    Harshita Daga

    He is the best techer i have ever got. I love the way he teaches in class. He is the most helpful teacher.

  • Student


    Awesome teacher . just for testing Awesome teacher . just for testing Awesome teacher . just for testing