Bhaskar Sir's Mathematics Education Center a.k.a. Bhaskar Sir's Class

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Bhaskar Datta

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    I teach Mathematics from Class 9 to 12 (All Boards) and also CPT (ICAI Foundation)

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    More than 20 Years

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    Mathematics,Chartered Accountancy Foundation (CPT)

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    Graduation,Competitive Exam

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    Salt Lake City

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    450 to 550 Per month


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  • Student

    Vidhi Patodia

    Even though I was not a very good student of Maths, he has always brought out the best in me and has been very co-operative.

  • Student


    Bhaskar Sir is a great teacher. He will explain the concepts really well. Student must be involved in his classes. I have learnt maths from him for more than 4 years and he makes maths really fun and interesting.

  • Student

    Sreyanka Chowdhury

    I have learnt maths from him right from Class 9 to CA-CPT. No one has built my interest in the subject like he did. Highly recommend him as a Maths Teacher.

  • Student

    Muskan Bhurat

    Highly experienced and helpful, with an in-depth knowledge of the subject and an impeccable teaching style.

  • Student

    Mudit Choudhary

    The concepts are delivered in a very lucid manner and easy to understand. But some of the sums taught are extremely high level, which are redundant at this stage.

  • Student

    Karan Khemani

    Sir has immense knowledge about the subject and is sure about what he is teaching. The technique which sir uses to make sure the students study, is appreciated. Sir is highly recommended.

  • Student

    Asmita Dasgupta

    A teacher, one can always look up o. Very supportive and helpful.

  • Student

    Meghna Thirani

    Very approachable and way of teaching is superb.

  • Student

    Sakshi Saha

    Awesome style of teaching and is able to handle the class really well. Has clarity of thought and is able to make sure that the student gets his concepts clear.

  • Student

    Anant Gupta

    Goes out of his way to help children. All you have to do is convince him that you are genuinely interested and are willing to work hard.

  • Student


    Sir is more than just a tutor , he is a mentor. One of the most easily approachable teacher one can have and it is be safe to say that the sums he makes his students practise is exhaustive from exam point of view.