Tapasi Dey

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    5-10 Years

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    Class 11 to 12,Class 6 to 8,Class 9 to 10

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    Dum Dum Park

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    450 to 550 Per month


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  • Student

    Debarno Banerjee

    I love to come here and study maths.Maam understands me very well and makes the sum easy for me

  • Student

    Varnit Rathi

    Overall exposure to the subject. Exposure beyond books with proper guidance,help and co-operativeness

  • Student

    Akash Ganguly

    before coming here to maam's tution, I always get 67 to 70% but this time in maths, I have got 82%. I hope I will improve more in maths in my next exams

  • Student

    Lovelin Shah

    She is very good and intelligent.Very co-operative and can solve the hardest sum also. She is awesome

  • Student

    Souma Maity

    Mam is very friendly and explain us very well. She is the best teacher. I have lots of fun learning maths here.

  • Student

    Adrija Banerjee

    Maam explain us very well and she is a very good teacher. I have lots of fun learning maths here.

  • Student

    Sanjana Mandal

    Mam is very helpful and nice.

  • Student

    Priyanshu Guha Thakurta

    My teacher helps me a lot. All studies are done freely with her guidance. S he appreciates us if we get higher marks.By her guidance, I ge the best marks in class, 99! She is the best teacher.

  • Student

    Raghav Gupta

    In one year, I have really enjoyed studying maths. Its a pleasure to me that I got her as my maths teacher.I think Iam very lucky.

  • Student

    Shoumili Sarkar

    Tapashi ma'am is the most helpful maths teacher that I have ever seen. She makes me understand maths a lot better than any other teacher.She is my favourite.

  • Student

    Sumedha Bhowmick

    Having fun while learning maths. I have improved a lot from before

  • Student

    Saumya Seth

    She is very good and help us a lot in studies. She tries her best to improve us in studies.

  • Student

    Swagata Roy

    This tution is good for all students,also for weak students.When I got admission, I was very poor in maths,and now I obtained 81-90%. Every problems are solved in this tution. Thank you to maam.

  • Student

    Aayush Jajodia

    She has a very good knowledge of maths and can teach well.She is cooperative during classes and can interpret and solve our problems

  • Student

    Pritika Mukherjee

    She is very good in explaining mathematics in detail.She is very calm which is a great thing about a teacher.She is very much able to handle the class well.

  • Student

    Shreya Bubna

    She is very helpful.She behaves with us in a good manner. Iam very lucky to have this teacher.She has helped in maths.

  • Student

    Palak Gupta

    She teaches us maths very well. We enjoy the classes with her.She is very helpful.She explains us very well.Iam happy to be her student.

  • Student

    Nayanika Sinha

    She is very helpful.She help us when we are stuck in some problem.She is able to cooperate with us.She takes exams and also checks that whether we have understood chapter well. I love my maam very much.

  • Student

    Tiyasha Biswas

    She is very cooperative,helpful and teaches us in a proper and simple manner. Iam thankful to be in this tution.

  • Student

    Rashi Jindal

    She is very helpful when required.She teaches us in a simple way in which easy to understand.Iam very happy to be in her tution.She is also a good and polite lady.

  • Student

    Saptarshi Roy

    She encourages me to do maths and can make interest about it.Improvement was seen studying here.

  • Student

    Subhojeet Bhattacharya

    It's been pleasure to learn from such a motivating and inspiring teacher.

  • Student

    Kashak Keyal

    Feeling very happy for having such a nice teacher.

  • Student

    Sruti Dutta

    Iam feeling very good here and I have improved very much in maths after coming here.

  • Student

    Palak Pandey

    I was honoured to study in this tution class.My maths has really improved a lot.Thanks to maam.

  • Student

    Sanskriti Dalmia

    I have improved my mathematical skills a lot from this ma'am. I'am delighted to study here.