Debabrata Singha

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    Art Coaching at Shaptarshi Music and Art School

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    5-10 Years

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    For Kids,Painting

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    Art,0 to 3 Years

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    Lake Town

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    90 to 110 Per month


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  • Student

    Priyabrata Dutta

    Iam here from one year.Sir is good and he takes care of his students.

  • Student

    Supriti Rana

    Sir is very nice and sir teaches us very well.

  • Student

    Srinjoy Das

    i thought my teacher is best because he is not only good in in drawing but also cooperative with everyone.And he helps me in every artistic works.

  • Student

    Subhranil Kundu

    Has been in this drawing school for than 2 years.He is well experienced and can handle everyone well.And also he is punctual and his drawing his good.

  • Student

    Ujan Biswas

    He is very helpful and also guides us to learn more about paintings.

  • Student

    Drabantee Biswas

    Our teacher is very helpful,caring and devoted.I have got a good guidance from him.

  • Student

    Soumyaduti Ghosh

    Sir is a good teacherand an experienced teacher.He teaches us good drawings.Sir teaches us many types of drawing and he is not much angry