Suparna Nag

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    Get taught in Eng, physical Science, Life Science and Maths from class 5 to 12 and also for BSC Hon. Students

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    3-5 Years

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    Class 6 to 8

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    450 to 550 Per month


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  • Student

    Srinjoy Das

    All time, my teacher help me,she is a good teacher.

  • Student

    Abhaya Bera

    My teacher is very good,she helps me in study.

  • Student

    Aparna Nag

    My teacher is very good teacher.She helps me alot.I got 65% marks in H.S exam.

  • Student

    Rubi Gupta

    I got 50% marks in madhyamik exam.But,I got 78% marks in H.S exam for my new teacher Suparna Nag. Thank you!! She is a best teacher of my school life.

  • Student

    Rupesh Kr. Shaw

    All time my teacher help me in study,she is a good teacher.I got 60% marks in H.S exam

  • Student

    Priyanka Das

    My teacher helps me from difficulties and solve the problem.She explains the subject in an interesting way and gives us note too.