RatanK Mishra

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  • Education:

    Bachelor of Technology (BTECH)

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  • About Me:

    Way to positive NPV result

  • Experience:

    3-5 Years

  • Subjects:

    Accounts,Bachelor Of Commerce (BCOM),Company Secretary Foundation (CS)

  • Classes:

    Class 11 to 12,Examination,Competitive Exam

  • Localities:

    Girish Park,,

  • Fees:

    450 to 550 Per month


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  • Student

    Rahul Chawla

    My teacher is very experienced and helpful.

  • Student

    Puja Thakur

    The quality of teaching is excellent. He is a very nice person.

  • Student

    Manisha Dixit

    He is a nice teacher with a sincere teaching style and proper professional behaviour. He is a perfect blend of professionalism as well as a friendly teacher. Overall he is a perfect trainer who has helped us learn the conserned subject properly.

  • Student

    Sakshi Shah

    Sir has a good sense of humour. he teaches well with his awesome examples. Its also fun getting knowledge of other things from him.

  • Student

    Aakash Jaiswal

    He interacts with the class well. He is fun loving too.

  • Student

    Vishal Shaw

    Ratan Sir is a very friendly and a good teacher. He handles the class very well and is very cool and calm.

  • Student

    Manisha Gupta

    Sir can make tough chapters seem so easy. The way he explains the matter to us is amazing. According to me he is the best teacher.

  • Student

    Arpita Tandon

    Ratan Sir is a very nice teacher. He explains topics very nicely and clearly. He completes the syllabus on time and also gives revision classes so that the students get prepared for the examination

  • Student

    Kush Khandelwal

    Sir teaches very well and explains the topic very clearly. He always clears our doubts.

  • Student

    Ayush Mandawewala

    Ratan Sir is very cool and teaches us very nicely.He goes deep into the matter and clears all our doubts.

  • Student

    Khushboo Chitlangia

    He is teacher with a good gesture. He explains/teaches us well, clears our doubt. I am obliged ti be his student.

  • Student

    Vansh Thakkar

    The most helpful and calm teacher that I've ever come across. Whenever we need him he gives his support and time.

  • Student

    Gargi Jaiswal

    I feel that sir is very cooperative helpful and supportive. He helps us clear all our doubts.

  • Student

    Ritika Agarwal

    Ratan Sir is the best teacher as he makes every student feel very special. He explains everything extemely clearly.

  • Student

    Sonal Jaiswal

    He is a very helpful and cooperative teacher.

  • Student

    Pooja Jaiswal

    Sir is a very good teacher and also a good man. He uses different teaching techniques in order to maintain interest of the students.We all have been greatly benefited by him. He is the best teacher ever.

  • Student

    Ankita Sharma

    Ratan K Mishra is one of the best teachers that I have ever seen. Not only as a teacher, he is the best coordinator also. He helps us with all the situations regarding the subjects. In other words he is the best teacher.

  • Student

    Shradha Gupta

    One of the best teachers I have ever had.

  • Student

    Puja Pandey

    Our teacher is very helpful. whenever we have anydoubt, he clarifies it out for us. He is a very good teacher.

  • Student

    Manisha Jaiswal

    Our teacher is very polite. Whenever we need him, he is always there to help.

  • Student

    Riya Jaiswal

    My teacher always instructs, encourages, praises and influences me.I am grateful

  • Student

    Sakshi Agrahari

    Our teacher is very polite. His teaching manner is excellent. Whenever needed he is always there to help.

  • Student

    Robin Mishra

    Giving a close view on the method of teaching, Ratan Sir appears as his name suggests, a gem. He has a detailed knowledge of his subject and a good observer of his class.

  • Student

    Shubham Shaw

    Ratan sir is very clear with his concepts and teaches us very well.

  • Student

    Priya Jaiswal

    I am very glad to be under the guidance of Ratan Sir. He made the 3 years of academics really fun and easy.

  • Student

    Akash Yadav

    He is a very good teacher. His teaching techniques are very different from other teachers.

  • Student

    Sneha Bhartia

    He is a very good teacher. He is professional and has a very friendly behaviour. The way he teaches is very different.

  • Student

    Hena Khatoon

    Ratan Sir is a very good teacher of commerce and he teaches the subject matter very clearly.

  • Student

    Pooja Singh

    He is a very good teacher of commerce. He provides conceptual knowledge and is a helpful teacher.

  • Student

    Sushma Sharma

    He is very helpful teacher and is there whenever we need him.

  • Student

    Priyadarshani Gupta

    He is a very good teacher. I respect him a lot. He teaches accounts very well.

  • Student

    Vikram Kumar Singh

    The class is properly conducted by Ratan Sir.

  • Student

    Prity Gupta

    Sir is always able to solve our problems.

  • Student

    Ekta Chaubey

    Sir is very cooperative and punctual. He prepares us for exams perfectly.

  • Student

    Prity Rai

    Sir is very cooperative. HE understands and solves all our problems. I would like to continue stdying under his able guidance.

  • Student

    Shiwangi Chourasia

    Our SIr is very cooperative. He always helps us whenever we need him. He always clears our doubts.

  • Student

    Satish Yadav

    He solves all my problems and is my favourite teacher.

  • Student

    Gunjan Goenka

    He has a very friendly teacher.

  • Student

    Simram Sharma

    It is a great experience to interact with Sir. He takes care of all our needs queries and solves them as well. His examples are innovative and funny. the profession of a "teacher" suits him best.

  • Student

    Seema Verma

    He understands all our problems and helps us built good conseptual knowledge while solving problems.

  • Student

    Ankita Mishra

    Ratan Sir teaches us very well. He solves all our problems.

  • Student

    Nandini Shaw

    He is calm, passionable and a very hard working teacher. He's a very dedicated teacher

  • Student

    Arjun Singh

    He is a good teacher and a frank one too.

  • Student

    Vandana Pathak

    I am blessed to have a teacher like Ratan Kumar Mishra. He is a very charming person.His wa y of teaching makes things east to understand. He always gives us extra classes whwnever there is a need. He always motivates us to try harder. Apart from that he is a very knowledgable person and I have been lucky enought to have him as my teacher.

  • Student

    Rishab Sethia

    Overall he is an extremely nice teacher. It is very easy to understand his classes. Doubts are clarifies very easily.

  • Student

    Rishabh Parwal

    He is an excellent teacher and he always clears our doubts.

  • Student

    Payal Shukla

    A great teacher, stirct professional but a friendly teacher as well.

  • Student

    Ankita Harlalka

    Learning with Sir is always a pleasure as he clears all my consepts.

  • Student

    Ridham Mehra

    His classes are easy to understand, doubts are also cleared whenever required. All in all he is an amazing teacher.